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"Becoming Essentially Intuitive"

Learn how you can grow your confidence in your intuition with the Spirit of Nature Essential Oil Essences and pure essential oils.

I’ll show you simple ways to clear your energy and connect with your intuition – plus how you can choose Essences and essential oils intuitively to support you to release stress, open up to your potential and align with what you desire.

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The Healing Room (FREE 15-day Trial)

Receive a FREE 15-day trial of remote healing to support and enhance your energetic, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

As you go about your day, your energy will be infused with Light Frequencies, supporting you to feel better able to cope with life’s stresses, and open up to new possibilities of love, joy, peace and abundance in your life.

Experiencing these 15 days will enable you to judge the value prior to purchase. You can also include your children, pets or animal companions.

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Awaken your Intuition with

The EarthLight & Alignment Essences
(Free Mini-Cards)

Receive the beautiful healing and teaching frequencies of the 10 EarthLight Essences and 8 Alignment Essences, with these print-your-own mini Essence Cards

These support and empower you to simply and easily tap into Universal and Nature Intelligence, so that you can thrive as a sensitive, intuitive and creative change-maker, light-worker or entrepreneur, shining your Light here on Earth.

Plus explore ...

One Touch Technique

Discover this simple self healing technique for releasing stress from your body, calming and uplifting your energy, and increasing your sense of clarity, confidence and well-being. 

Meditation Audios

Listen to these audio meditations available on Soundcloud – for healing and aligning your energy, awakening your intuition and strengthening your connection with yourself, Nature and the Universe. 

YouTube Videos

Join these Energy Alignment Videos on YouTube – and discover more about Essences, Frequencies, Healing and Manifesting.