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For Sensitive and Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs:

A free 3-day audio course to help you to connect with your intuition,
make a bigger difference and create more money.


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Wherever you are in your business as a healer, coach or heart-based entrepreneur, you are probably finding that the more clear you are, and the more you listen to your intuition and allow the Universe to support you, the more both you and your business flourish and grow in a way that feels in alignment, easy and abundant. 


So I’m excited to share with you this 3-day Janine BarcelonaChannelled Audio Course that can help you to: 

Connect with your intuition and Source connection so that you feel clear, balanced and aligned with who you really are.

Release your inner blocks so that you can move forward in confidence, clarity and ease. 

Live your Purpose and Shine your Light, so that you can make a bigger difference and create more money!



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  “This [work that I’ve done with Janine] has been truly life changing for me. It’s the first time I’m getting a breakthrough within an area that I’ve been struggling with for a very long time. Thank you so so much!”
 Tiffany Vanderhorst, USA,    Miracle Mindset Coach,


 “I just experienced an activation with Janine, and it was so profound. Feels like I have opened up more channels to allow my multidimensional nature to express itself in the here and now. Janine’s abilities as a catalyst are beyond compare. I’m floating in bliss.”
David Rabone, Light Grids Practitioner, Scotland


 “We accomplished in 30 minutes what I’ve been struggling with for a very long time. I now feel clear around who I want to work with and how I want to move forward. My marketing feels very simple now, and I have a real sense of the difference I can make to the women I know I can help.”
Marlene Grimes-Stokes, Transformational Coach, USA    www., www.


 “Today I experienced a business and life changing session with Janine. She powerfully, beautifully and delicately guided me to journey within to uncover my truth. The experience was profound. With Janine’s deep loving connection, I was able to let go of stuff that’s been holding me back and step into my own unique power and gifts. I felt I owned who I really am in my biz from deep, deep within. And I feel inspired and excited to now start sharing that truth – MY TRUTH – with the world. She really has given me wings to fly. She’s an incredible lady of love, joy and delight. Thank you Janine.”
Dr Melissa Wright, India, www.


For immediate access just click here!

Click Here to Access Your Free Course