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Welcome to this 3-Day Audio Course for
Sensitive and Spiritual Entrepreneurs!



Thank you for joining me on this audio course, Loving Your Channel as an Entrepreneur,  for women who are sensitive to energy, and sensitive to the fact that how they are in their energy makes a huge difference to how successful their business is and to how much money they earn. 

As we are all well aware, any entrepreneurial venture involves ‘putting ourselves out there’, and being willing not only to expand enough in ourselves so that we feel comfortable being ‘out there’ and being seen, but also to really value ourselves and what we are offering.

This of course, can bring up all our blocks and issues! It’s a perfect personal growth experience! Which is where this course comes in.

Below are the 3 Audios in the course which are channelled and designed to be experiential. They are best listened to at a time when you can give yourself your full attention so that you can really allow your energy to shift and adjust into a higher vibration. 

I recommend going through this course in sequence the first time round, and then anytime you’d like support either personally or in your business, then intuitively decide which one is most appropriate for the occasion, and then listen to it through again. Each time you will have a completely different experience.


Audio 1: Connect More Deeply With Your Intuition and Higher Awareness

 Audio 2: Clear Your Inner Blocks 

 Audio 3: Love Feeling Free and Empowered

Wishing you joy, fulfilment and wealth in your business! 

Janine xx


Janine Barcelona

How would your life change if you were ready now to be who you really are, doing what you love, making a bigger difference and receiving more money?

More freedom, ease and fulfilment? Enjoying being a unique channel for the Universe? Living the lifestyle that you dare to dream of?  

If you can imagine it then it already exists as a field of possibility – and you can manifest it.

Click here to have a warm and empowering conversation with me to explore how you can bring this into your life as a physical reality. If you’re ready to step into that possibility then the only thing that’s stopping you is you 🙂