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Do you love to walk your own path and own your own journey?

And on this path do you have times of ease, clarity and excitement, and also other times of struggle, confusion and fear?

Would you love to receive healing support that you can tap into as and when you need to?

Would you love support that is empowering for you and helps you to tune in to your own energy and inner guidance?

If so then THIS is for you!


How would it feel if all you had to do was to show up, be open and allow yourself to connect with the love, energy and intelligence of the Universe?

What if everything were to change for the better simply because you are saying yes to an even deeper sense of connection with your Self?


When was the last time you allowed yourself to let go of ‘shoulds’, rules and ‘trying’, and instead to really trust and allow yourself to simply be present with the energy and vitality that shows up in the moment?

Is NOW the time to open up to and receive even more of the healing, teaching and awareness that’s coming in for you via your own direct connection with the Universe?


I’d love to wish you a Warm Welcome! A series of happy synchronicities (otherwise known as inner guidance meets the joyful flow of the Universe) has brought you here today.

And I would love to invite you to join me in consciously engaging with the love, energy and intelligence that’s within you and within the Universe, in this space of healing and transformation.

From today forward you can tap into your higher consciousness and into your infinite possibilities!

The question is … do you feel ready and willing to receive?

Can you see, feel and imagine yourself ...


 ~ Having More Freedom in Your Life ~

 ~ Embracing Your Potential & Possibilities ~  

 ~ Finding Your Unique Gifts, Abilities & Magic ~

 ~ Opening Up to Your Intuition & Source Connection

~ Living on Purpose & in Abundance ~

~ Enjoying Ease, Flow and Synchronicities ~


If so, then welcome to Essential Healing!
A Channelled Resource for those who are saying ‘YES!’ to themselves!

Each month I share with you Channelled Meditations, Essences, Healing Sessions and So Much More to support you to raise your vibration and expand your Consciousness.

You will be receiving and engaging with the love, energy and intelligence that already exists within you and within the Universe, and that is just waiting for you to open up even more fully to it.

Each month you will receive the healing, clearing and teaching shared by the high vibration energies and frequencies that are specifically coming in during that month to support both your personal evolution as well as the evolution of Earth.

Receive support to:

Clear your Energy and Come into Balance

Release Limiting Beliefs and Patterns

Trust Your Intuition and Love Your Gifts

Communicate With Your Spiritual Helpers

Create Freedom and Abundance

and so much more!


‘Essential Healing’ Membership Package

Each month you will receive: 

 A Natural Healing & Divine Alignment Transmission (Audio, worth €47)
…. for your ease, vitality, abundance, creative flow, confidence and success!

June’s Healing Transmission is helping you to clear your energy, release connections that are not for your highest joy, receive support from a specific spiritual helper and to receive teaching around creating and manifesting with energy!

 A Sacred Soul Meditation (Audio, worth €27)
... for ease, flow, harmony and a deeper connection with your Self.

June’s Meditation is an Earth & Crystal Meditation supporting you to be more YOU, to open up to your intuitive gifts and to feel more comfortable being here on earth.

 This Month’s Collection of Channelled Essences (PDF & Audio, worth €54)
… a collection of essences that are coming in specifically to support you this month with whatever is happening in your life.

June’s Essence Collection is a set of 3 Essences that can support you to let go and allow your higher consciousness to come though more, so that you can both be and create in more joy, empowerment and freedom. 

 Bonuses & Resources! (Priceless)
… to support you to connect and communicate with your Higher Self, with your Spiritual Helpers and with Nature and Universal Intelligences.


Receive all these for just €37/month*
(Total value: well over €128/month)


Investing in yourself not only opens up a greater flow of energy but also expands you into a space of much greater commitment to receiving what you desire.

No matter whether you are learning a new language or skill, creating a new project or expanding your consciousness, investing your time, energy and resources is essential to your success.

So I’d love to invite you to join me here and to expand your clarity, intuition, freedom and sense of who you really are and what you can really do in this amazing life of yours! 


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Coming soon! July’s ‘Essential Healing’ Membership Package

Available towards the end of June! 



* Terms & Conditions: You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. No refunds are given. Your healing, evolution and success depend on your own input, openness and commitment, as well as your willingness to work through any issues that will naturally come up as part of your growth process. It is your responsibility to seek further professional support if needed. I am not a therapist, medical practitioner or financial advisor and all that I share is to contribute my voice to the huge field of ever-expanding awareness. Please take from it what resonates with you and leave the rest 🙂