Essence in Your Inbox

A warm INVITATION for you  …  (with gifts of Clarity, Vitality and Abundance!)

Receive a unique and beautiful Essence each week that can clear, refresh and revitalise your energy; that can help you to open up your flow, inspiration and sense that you are fully supported by Nature, are a unique channel for the Universe and that you can be, do and have what you desire.

You can change your life by changing your energy and vibration – and receiving “Essence in Your Inbox” can help you to do this and so much more 🙂


Feeling more at ease, balanced and in your flow.

Receiving more intuitive insights and expanding your consciousness. 

Experiencing more of the Divine within you, within nature and within the universe. 

♥ Receiving multi-dimensional healing, teaching and support.

Changing your reality and having more fun! 


Each week highly evolved souls and intelligences within Nature and the Universe share with you a new Channelled Essence, BioLight or Ascension Code.

Each one of these provides a unique frequency that can support you to connect more deeply with your inner guidance, clear your energy, raise your vibration, let go of blocks, strengthen your own connection with the Universe, receive downloads from your Higher Self, feel safe and encouraged to take the next step, chat with your Spiritual Helpers, relax more into your connection with the Earth, and so much more. 

And it’s easy!

PLUS you’ll also receive an Energy Clearing Session each month guiding you in how you can use the Essences to both raise your vibration as well as accomplish your goals and desires.

Why not try it out for just €1 for the next 3 weeks? 🙂

If it’s not for you then you can cancel at any time, and in the meantime you’ll have received so much, including the previous month’s Essences, Audios and much more!

“Thank you so much for these powerful essences. They have helped me so much to come through these last weeks of the year, that are most of the times hard to cope with emotionally. I was able to finish something I never thought I would be able to… ;-D”

” I love the Essences so much. They’re so lovely and such a great support – they’re just so perfect. There’s so much detail in each one and each paragraph is so relevant. They really resonate!”


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Just €1 for the first 3 weeks!
As a member of Essence in Your Inbox, you’ll receive a channelled Essence, BioLight or Ascension Code each week, PLUS a monthly Energy Clearing Session Audio and other Bonuses that you can tap into at any time to support you to have a more intuitive, abundant, healthy and joyful life!

You will only be charged €1 total for the first 3 weeks, then €20 each month. You can pay by Paypal or by card and can cancel at any time with no refund on payments already made.

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