Essence in Your Inbox Membership

Hello and a very WARM WELCOME to “Essence in your Inbox”! ūüôā

I’m so delighted¬†that you’ve decided to receive and experience these beautiful and life enhancing energies.

They are all so warm, inclusive and encouraging, and no matter what is happening for you in your life, they will meet you where you are at and will support you to feel better and to thrive.

Your Welcome Email will be arriving shortly in your Inbox (and if it doesn’t arrive¬†there it may be in¬†your Junk Folder) so that you have at your fingertips¬†all that I’m sharing here.

‚ô•¬† On¬†Thursday you’ll receive your first Essence¬†in¬†Your Inbox,¬†and then each Thursday you’ll receive a fresh Essence. This could be a ‘traditional’ Essence, a BioLight or an Ascension Code¬†and all you need is a glass or bottle of fresh water for it to go into.

‚ô•¬† On Thursdays¬†you’ll also receive¬†‘Your¬†Essence Collection’¬†PDFs which¬†share with you¬†both this month’s and last month’s Essences, so that you can print them out and have them handy at any time.

‚ô•¬† PLUS you’ll also receive a Bonus Energy Clearing Audio¬†at the start of each month. This is a Channelled Session that can help¬†both you and your goals,¬†with the support of both¬†essences and your spiritual helpers.


(Please add to your contact list to ensure that you receive your Essences in your Inbox and that the emails don’t end up in your Junk folder. The emails will be delivered to your Paypal email address. If you’d prefer to receive them at another address, just let us know by¬†emailing¬†support@ and let we’ll happily change it for you.)


‚ô• ¬†And as a Bonus Gift for you right now, here is a¬†special Welcome Essence that can support you with whatever pain¬†or desire you have right now. All you need is to choose what you’d like support with and a glass or bottle of water for the Essence to go into.

So when the time is good for you, take a few minutes for yourself, click this link and just receive … ūüôā

¬† ¬† Audio:¬†”¬†Essence in Your Inbox’: Welcome Essence”

Sip from this Essence several times a day for the next few days or whenever you’d like support with an issue or a desire. Do this for as long as you feel drawn to, or at any time that feels good.

Notice and thoughts, feelings or images that come into your awareness over the next few days. Be open to any insights, intuitions and creative ideas.

Trust yourself and trust that the Universe is conspiring in your favour. With these Essences you are even more consciously engaging with and opening up to the higher intelligence that’s within you, your spiritual helpers and the creative intelligence of the Universe. Great things are happening ūüôā

Looking forward to sharing your next Essence with you on Thursday!

Love, Janine

PS Something you might like to watch is a video showing how Masuro Emoto demonstrated that human consciousness can change the molecular structure of water. Just click here to watch this beautiful video: Water, Consciousness and Intent 


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Do you know anyone else who might like to receive 3 weeks of “Essence in Your Inbox” for just ‚ā¨1?

For your first 3 friends who join, you’ll receive a Free Gift to say thank you for sharing! Just email or text them an invitation along with this address:¬†

and ask them to enter your name as their “Inviter” when they subscribe ūüôā


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Subscription Details:¬†You will only be¬†charged ‚ā¨1 in total for the first 3 weeks, then ‚ā¨20 each month. You can cancel at any time, but there will be no¬†refund on payments already made.