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Introducing our Electrical System

Our human body has within and surrounding it an electrical network. When we experience health, this electrical network is balanced, fully functioning and fully connected. Whenever we experience an issue or event in our life or environment that threatens that balance, our electrical system responds by either short-circuiting or overloading. 

Any imbalance in our electrical network immediately impacts our central nervous system. If our body is unable to correct this imbalance, then we may end up feeling overwhelmed, emotionally stressed, anxious or in fight, flight or freeze mode. Or we may end up manifesting a cold or a headache, or our allergy resurfaces, or our back goes out. Or we may even become seriously ill. 

Both Essences and Pure Essential Oils can work directly with both the electrical and the central nervous systems. By taking the appropriate ones, we can immediately balance the electrical system, stabilise the nervous system and stop the domino effect that leads to overwhelm or illness.


Introducing 5 Simple Steps to Support your Electrical System

A very simple way to support your electrical system when you’re experiencing un-wellness, stress or during an expansion, is to simply write down your main symptoms and issues, and focusing on each in turn, to choose the appropriate Essence or Essential Oil that will support your electrical system for that specific symptom or issue. Below I show you the exact steps that I use.

To choose the appropriate essence or oil you can choose Intuitively – by choosing the one that stands out at you when you look at them, the one whose name just pops into your mind, or the one that just feels right –  or by using Kinesiology Self-Testing. (There’s more info on how to do this in the Resources Section below.)


Included here for you!

Below you will find: the ♥ 5 Simple Steps to Support your Electrical System along with a ♥ Printable Playsheet. There are ♥ 2 Demonstration Audios, one showing showing how you can use Essential Oils and the other how you can use Essences, as well as an ♥ Audio giving you 6 Channelled Essences that came in specially to support you and your Electrical System. 

There are also lots of ♥ Bonuses and Resources at the end, for your support, interest and enjoyment 🙂


Quick Links

5 Simple Steps to Support your Electrical System’ Playsheet PDF | Session with Essential Oils Audio |  Session with Channelled Essences Audio | Make the 6 Channelled Essences Audio

Note: You can download the audios onto your computer by clicking on the ‘download’ button and from there onto your MP3 Player.



5 Simple Steps to Support your Electrical System

  1. Get out a pen and paper (or equivalent!), and at the top write down the words ”In General”.

  2. Underneath this, list your main physical symptoms.

    Then list your main emotional, mental or spiritual symptoms or issues.

    And then list the main life &/or environmental issues that you’re dealing with or that are affecting you.

  3. Starting with ‘In General’, intuitively or using kinesiology (see Resources Section below for a guide to how to do this) choose an Essential Oil or an Essence to support your electrical system in a general way: 

    Say, “What Essential Oil or Essence would support my electrical system in a general way?”  and then choose intuitively or using kinesiology.

    Breathe in or put a drop onto your skin of the oil, or take or connect with the essence. 

  4. Then move onto the next symptom or issue. Intuitively or using kinesiology choose an Essential Oil or Essence to support your electrical system specifically for that issue.

    Say, “What Essential Oil or Essence would support my electrical system for this symptom/issue?”  and then choose intuitively or using kinesiology.

    Breathe in or put a drop onto your skin of the oil, or take or connect with the essence – holding in your mind that it is for your electrical system rather than for the symptom or issue.

    Then move onto the next symptom.

  5. Repeat from the top as needed. When your symptoms are acute, you may need to repeat in 10 or 20 minutes, or every hour or so. This then decreases as you feel better or if you are doing this for maintenance.

    You will probably soon find that your symptoms or issues stop being symptoms or issues and that you feel neutral about them – i.e. your electrical system no longer needs the support. Or you might find yourself wanting to focus on different symptoms or issues.

Download your Printable Playsheet here:
5 Simple Steps to Support your Electrical System (PDF)



A Demonstration with Essential Oils

Audio: Supporting my (Janine’s) Electrical System using Essential Oils

I recorded this at a time when I ‘had a cold’ to show you how I do this and also so that you can hear the difference in my voice and energy as my electrical system becomes progressively stronger.  At the time I recorded it I was going through a big expansion in my life and business, and my body was struggling to keep up with it.

On this occasion I used DoTerra Essential Oils and below are my  lists of symptoms. You can also use this as a guide for yourself – so simply list out your own symptoms and choose the oils that are right for you at the same time as I do, and just pause the audio when you need more time.


Note:  The Essential Oils I use are DoTerra Essential Oils which are very pure and of a very high quality. You can find out more about these in the Resources Section below. If you don’t have any Essential Oils then you’re welcome to either use the 6 Channelled Essences I give you below or just start with whatever supports you have and with whatever you resonate with.
As well as Essences and Essential Oils, you can also use other supports such as, Aura Soma (I love Aura Soma!!), Homeopathy (if you need more than one or two remedies then it may be better to connect with them energetically rather than taking them internally – please check with your practitioner) or Crystals. 


Click here to listen to my (Janine’s) Session:
“Supporting my Electrical System with Essential Oils” (12 mins)

My Symptoms & Issues for this Session:

“What does my electrical system need for :

  • General 

  • Headache

    Achy tummy

    Feeling shivery

  • This Expansion

  • Core Constraint/Deep Belief: “I am not enough”. “


A Demonstration using Channelled Essences

Audio: Supporting my (Janine’s) Electrical System with Channelled Essences

I recorded this the day after I recorded my session with the Essential Oils. I was feeling better but still not yet bouncing and I knew that I could still do with support for the expansion I was going through.

I’d been wondering which Essences to use and then I realised that some completely new Channelled Essences were coming in specifically for this, both of me and for you. So I held the space for them to come in and then I used them!

So I’ve given you these 6 Essences in an audio below! Feel free to make and use them, or feel free to use whatever Essences you feel most drawn to using.

If you like, list out your own symptoms and focus on them, choosing whichever Essences feel right for you, and just pause the audio when you need more time.


Note: The Essences I use these days are my own Channelled Essences. I teach how to make your own Channelled Essences in my e-course, ‘Tapping in to the Universe’.  There are also many others that I’ve worked with in the past that are also really wonderful, such as The Bach Flower Essences, The Australian Bush Flower Essences, The Indigo Essences, The Perelandra Essences and many more.

♥ Click here to listen to my (Janine’s) Session
(Please scroll down if you would like to make the Essences before listening)
“Supporting my Electrical System with Channelled Essences” (8 mins)

My Symptoms & Issues for this Session:

“What does my electrical system need for: 

  • In General 

  • Woolly head

    Tight chest

    Heavy eyes

    Uncomfortable throat

  • This Expansion

  • Core Constraint/Deep Belief: “I am not enough”

  • Moving forward  “



The 6 New Channelled Essences 

Audio: The 6 new Channelled Essences to Support your Electrical System

These are the names of the Essences that came in specifically to support us here. While Essences can support in many ways and on many levels, these ones work specifically with our electrical system. 

The Essences:

1. ‘Balancing & Stabilising’ Essence
Supports your energy field to become more balanced and stable, so that you feel more grounded and connected with your True Self.

2. ‘Reconnecting within the Electrical System’ Essence
Helps your electrical system to reconnect and flow again where it had short-circuited and to release, rebalance and reconnect where it had been overloaded.

3. ‘Tension Release within the Electrical System’ Essence
Helps to release the charge that can build up where there is tension, tightness and stress, and to bring in a greater feeling of ease, flow and relaxation.

4. ‘Expansion within the Electrical System’ Essence
Helps to bring in a 
sense of expansion so that your electrical system can evolve and develop as you evolve physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually.

5. ‘Realignment within  the Electrical System’ Essence
Helps a new alignment to evolve within your electrical system as you evolve 
physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually.

6. ‘Life Force & Vitality within the Electrical System’ Essence
Helps to bring in greater integrity and balance, and hence life force and vitality, within your electrical 

Note: before you listen to the Audio please have 6 glasses or bottles of water with you for the Essences to go into.


Click here to download these Channelled Essences:
The 6 Channelled Essences for Supporting Your Electrical System (7 mins)



Bonuses & Resources

 Make Your Own Channelled Essence

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Audio: Make Yourself a Channelled Essence 


Kinesiology Self-Testing

Learn how to choose an Essential Oil or Essence, and how to get ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers using Kinesiology Self-Testing.

 How to use Kinesiology Self-Testing


DoTerra Essential Oils

Learn more about these beautiful and pure Essential Oils, and about how they can support you and your family emotionally, energetically and physically.

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 A Selection of Essences (Audios)

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