Co-Creators Circle

Co-Creators Circle

 An inspiring, magical and conscious group for those who love to consciously engage with the love, energy and intelligence of the Universe. This is a space of openness, gentleness, community and empowerment in which we can receive support from the invisible worlds that surround us as well as from each other as we share, grow and expand both personally and spiritually. 

Autumn Circle: “Co-Creating in Abundance”
8 Weeks of Beautiful and Magical Expansion!

Come together in this lovely channelled space in which energies of ease, harmony, fun, home, lightness, freedom, travel, love, abundance, health, new experiences, and so much more are coming in and supporting us to raise our vibration and expand our consciousness.

As we do this, we release limiting beliefs, clear emotional blocks and transform thought patterns that are holding us in the energy of our old reality. We access our higher awareness, our spiritual gifts and our soul knowledge and experiences and bring them in to create a whole new level of consciousness.

All that you need is to be open to the energy that’s flowing through you and a willingness to grow, evolve and create in harmony with Nature and the Universe.

This is a much-loved, personal and inclusive space in which each person is highly valued, appreciated and supported 🙂


Dates ‘n Details

Starting on Wednesday, 27th September and running for 8 weeks (with a  week off towards the end of October),
Wednesdays 10.30am London /11.30am Brussels / 5.30am New York.

Each session is approx 90 minutes, you can join either online or by phone, and the recording will be available, so no worries if you can’t make it live.

We will also have a private Facebook group in which you can share and connect throughout our time together. 

This is a very personal group with only a small number of spaces available so please apply early if you’d like to join.


To Register or Find Out More

This Circle is for those who have already been through a lot of personal and spiritual growth, are very comfortable with energy, who take full responsibility for their own life, and who own that they are co-creators of their life experience.

It is for those who are excited to be growing and evolving in conscious partnership with Life, Nature and the Universe, and with each other! 

If you’d like to join or find out more, especially if we haven’t worked together before, then please contact We can have a chat and see if this amazing space is perfect for you at this time 🙂



Early Bird Special available until Sept 20th: €350  Click Here to Pay
Normal Rate: €420
(Or enquire to set up a personalised payment plan that works for you.)



Please contact for support or if you would like to find out more <3