ChangeMakers Members’ Group


Are you a Change Maker?

Are you a healer, coach, leader or lightworker who is going through big inner changes and who is ready to transform your business or your life now?

Are you longing to receive deep level personal support to clear your energy and heal your emotions so that you can let go of the ‘shoulds’ and the obligations, the old systems and the external pressures?

Do you want to have the clarity and confidence to step into something new that is outside of what has been ‘normal’ for you up until now?

Are you completely ready to change your reality?

Then yay! You are in the right place 🙂


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Welcome to “ChangeMakers”!  my Membership only, Facebook Group!

This is a channelled and co-created space for those who want to receive more support to create change in their life or in their business and who want to share and connect with like-minded people in a high vibration space.

When you become a Member you will receive: 

  • Live energy clearing sessions, held once a month so that you can regularly clear your energy, heal your emotions and come into alignment with what you desire.

  • Channelled co-creating during our monthly call to support you to engage with the energy of the Universe as it flows through you so that what you are creating becomes even better.

  • Weekly connection, support and inspiration, to help you to both feel safe to be authentic as well as keep your vibration high.

  • Connection and sharing within a private community of other healers, coaches, leaders, lightworkers and change makers who are all supporting each other, celebrating each other, and joining together to co-create what we all desire – a better world for ourselves and for everyone in it.


What do you want to change?

You might want to change how you’re experiencing your life; you might want to change what you’re experiencing in your healing or coaching business; you might want to change your abundance, freedom, ease or joy or perhaps something completely different.

Be specific. Then choose it, own it and take inspired action by joining us!

Be ready to own your own process, to take responsibility for your life – you are the only person who can change it – and remember to fully and completely include yourself in your life. This is YOUR life after all, and you are here to fully experience and enjoy it.

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Becoming a Member janine-barcelona

There are just 2 steps to join:

  1. Click on your preferred link below to pay and,

  2. Click here to hop on over to “ChangeMakers” to send in your request to join.

I’m so looking forward to connecting with you! See you soon! 🙂



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Payment Links 

Choose either the monthly payments or a single payment option:

First choose

Monthly Membership* with 12 Payments of £35/month.
(Automatically charged unless cancelled.)

click to purchase


or Annual Membership* with a Single Payment of £350
(2 months free).

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Woohoo! All you need to do now is to click on the image and come on over to “ChangeMakers” to join us! 🙂 


 * You can cancel your Monthly Membership at any time.
All payments are final and non-refundable.

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You’re welcome to also join my free Facebook community, “Sensitive & Spiritual Leaders & Lightworkers“.