Can you recommend anything to keep me feeling ‘up’?

This week’s question is from someone in Scotland who would like to remain anonymous …

This week’s QUESTION:

“Can you recommend anything to keep me ‘up’ – until I’m in different place physically and financially?”

This week’s RESPONSE:

Hi, there are several suggestions coming in right now 🙂

~ The first thing I see is that your energy is sometimes slightly contracted, or tight, due to fear and the old pieces playing out. So expand, expand, expand. Any time you feel fear, or doubt, or that your energy is dropping, deliberately choose to expand until you feel a relief.

~ Nature Intelligence, specifically the Deva (the architect aspect of Nature Intelligence) of where you are at at the moment in your life, also wants to share with you:

“Dear you, you have some very solid and present supporters (in this non-physical realm) who are all cheering for you as you evolve and grow. You have been through lots of energetic shifts and now you are integrating them. Even if it feels like the outside transformation is moving too slowly, when you tune in to your inner landscape, you will see how much you have moved forward. It is as if you have completely redone your inner garden and now the seeds are starting to spot in the outer garden that is your life. The urge is there to dig them up to see if they re sprouting, but if you do then you will disturb their timing. It is better to consistently assume that all is well with them and to continue to look around your garden to see what else you would love to evolve. You might find some exciting things are starting to show themselves that had been hidden before.

We can see a big tree in your inner garden that you might be thinking is only a sapling, but actually is is such larger than that. What do you think the tree represents? The first thing that comes into your mind – what is it? Play with this tree (or what it represents) and as you do you will find your confidence to step forward feeling strong and confident. You can make changes that you had not thought were even on the cards before. Well done to you! Your perseverance has been paying off.

And about the money – we see that you have plenty around you, and you just need to gather it in in a very simple and uncomplicated way. At the moment you have a barrier because you think that it can only come in certain ways, but there are other ways too, and they will ‘work’ once you open up to them. People want to give you money because they can grow by sharing time with you.”

~ Something else you might like to do is listening to a free audio I have called “Raising Your Vibration with One-Touch” You can listen to it here or you can click here to learn about One-Touch. 

~ There are also some words are coming in for you. When you are feeling ‘less up’ then sit with each of these words in turn. Let yourself feel the energy that’s coming in through them for you. Spend a few moments with one word, allowing yourself to be fully present with it, then a few moments with the next. Notice how your energy shifts as you move through them. And notice your own energy grounding down through you. They’re helping you to open up and to receive, and as you do this you are allowing yourself to move into a higher vibration. These words are below, and feel free to add your own too:

unconditional love; appreciation; contentment (acceptance); letting go; clarity; moving forward; release, faith (trust).

~ Be very clear on your intention and decide to be fully 100% present with your intention. This way you can also let go, and allow the Universe to support you. The Universe supports you most easily when you have both a clear intention, and are also open to the energy that flows through you. There’s a balance between both these energies, that is both creative and dynamic. If your intention is wishy-washy, or is too overshadowed by beliefs that contradict it, then the energy that comes in is also more likely to be wishy-washy and unclear. The more clear you are the more easily the energy will flow and express and manifest. So the more you become clear on what being ‘up’ means for you, and your intentions within that, the easier for you 🙂

~ And one more suggestion is to listen to the audio in my new free guide, “The Spiritual Entrepreneur’s Guide to having the Clarity and Confidence to Shine Your Own Light in the World”. Just click here to receive this and it’s free.

I wish you joy with all the great things that are coming in for you! 🙂

Love, Janine

Janine Thorp is an Intuitive Mentor for Sensitive and Spiritual Entrepreneurs. If you would like to create more ease, freedom and abundance in your life, then apply here to have a free Clarity Call, and we can explore whether the simplest and most rewarding way for you to create the life and business you love, is by working together. 


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