How can I express my full potential?

This week’s question for Ask Janine: Messages from the Universe is from Josee Sanscartier,, in Canada.

This week’s QUESTION:

” Sharing and learning with incredible business partners who live close by is a wonderful and precious gift I have and experience on a daily basis. Although I am grateful and feel blessed for what I have, I feel however that I am ready for MORE! Meet new passionate people, new values, learn more, grow, share and talk in front of groups and make a difference in soooo many other people’s lives offering our incredible business opportunity and sharing and connecting together. What is keeping me from doing so? How can I express and show my full potential to the Universe?”


 “Hi! Josee,

Thank you for your question. It looks like there’s some flotsam and jetsam in your energy field from a previous ‘explosion’. This feels like unresolved issues from some previous experiences you’ve had in your life when you’ve felt hurt or diminished in some way. The subconscious way that you still feel about them is affecting how comfortable you feel about expanding into something new now.

So just as you’re reading this feel your feet – and take a breath in and let it out again. Have the intention that you are willing to release and forgive what has happened in the past – not to approve of it but to free yourself from subconsciously holding on to it so that you’ve the peace, ease and spaciousness to create something new. Ask your spiritual helpers to support you.

I can see that beyond this ring of unresolved stuff, there’s a lot of peace, and a lovely sense of connection with the world. You have support coming in for you around your second chakra and your heart, helping you to heal and to feel comfortable to really be you and to sound your true note in the world. There is more for you to discover of who you are, and this feels exciting.

My sense is that the more you feel comfortable to be in this energy field, in this lifetime, the more you will discover a uniqueness about you that is bursting to express through you. There are angel frequencies within you and around you that people are attracted to because of what the frequencies are helping the people to see in themselves. As you feel safe to allow these to be seen, you will attract more people and opportunities to you to grow and expand, and to create more of what lights you up. There is a bigger picture to what you are doing in your business 🙂

Love, Janine

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