Messages from the Universe (Ask here)

”Messages from the Universe” is a no-cost space where you are welcome to ask for personal channelled support, guidance and energy from the Universe, for any issue that you have in your life or business. I will regularly channel a message for one* of the questions that are submitted, and will share the response anonymously in my Blog

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If your question is the one that comes in to respond to, then the Channelled Message that comes in will be for you personally. However since we are all connected, any issue that you have is an issue that many others will also share, and so the energy and support that comes in for you, will also support all those who resonate with it.


Thank you!  🙂

Thank you for sending in your question. If it isn’t answered on one occasion then it may well come in the next, so do keep an eye open for it!

*I greatly appreciate and read all questions submitted, and regret that  I cannot answer every one. The questions that I channel a Message for are the ones that I am guided to respond to. 

However, you may well find, that simply by sending in your question  – and in this way powerfully putting it out to the Universe – your answer will show up. The Universe has an infinite number of ways to answer!  🙂


 Legal stuff:  You are responsible for your own wellbeing, for the meaning you take from any particular Message, and for any choices you make or actions you take in response to them. I own copyright of the Messages and reserve the right to share them anonymously in public.