Ask Janine

”Ask Janine” is a no-cost space where you are welcome to ask for channelled support, guidance and energy from the Universe. I will regularly respond to one of the questions that are submitted, and share the response anonymously as a ”Message from the Universe”. Your question may be the one that is answered!

Since we are all connected, an issue for one person is an issue for many, and so the energy, support and awareness that comes in for one, can also support many others too.

“Messages from the Universe” are shared on my Blog, on Facebook and by email.


Please send in your request here:

Please fill in the form below with your question or request for healing, clarity or support from the Universe.


Thank you for your question! It is supporting us all to raise our vibration and to become more conscious.  If your question doesn’t come in on one occasion then it may well come in the next, so do keep an eye open for it!

You may well also find, that simply by sending in your question and in this way putting it out to the Universe, your answer will show up – and the Universe has an infinite number of ways to answer. So feel free to send it on in! 🙂