Tuning into the Universe eCourse

 Would you love to …

 Trust your intuition and your spiritual gifts?

Come into alignment and live your purpose?

Create the health, wealth and happiness you desire?


Learn how to make your own beautiful, unique and highly evolved Channelled Essences?

Then you absolutely can, and this channelled course has been created specially to give you the space and support in which you can receive healing and teaching directly through your own connection with the love, energy and intelligence within the Universe.

It is designed to support you to feel confident reading energy, trusting your intuition and bringing in the highest vibration healing and teaching so that you can be true to yourself and create a life filled with wealth, health, freedom and happiness.

Just read on! 🙂


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Having the ability to sense and read the energy that flows through you and through the world around you is such an invaluable skill that can give you such a huge advantage!

It can give you access to a much bigger picture, and to so much more healing and teaching, which means that you can simply bypass so much of the ‘effort’ and ‘trying’. Everything becomes simpler and more streamlined.

It means that it can become so much easier to be aware of and to tap into the incredible and wonderful support that’s here for you – in Life, the Universe and from your Spiritual Helpers.

My personal growth has always been so important for me, and the skills and abilities that have come in for me since I began consciously engaging with the Intelligence within the Universe have completely changed my life.

It’s also by simply reading and engaging with energy that my wonderful clients are creating the transformation they desire too. And it’s amazing how simple and enjoyable it can be! We can have great fun on our calls and in our sessions 🙂

All we need to do is show up and be present, and then the higher intelligence that’s within us shows us exactly how to move forward, create and evolve – and the way that we can access and receive this healing, teaching and awareness is by trusting our intuition and reading the energy.


And I would love to show you how you too can read energy and engage with it so that you can clear your blocks, raise your vibration and create what you desire.

Quantum physics has shown that at its very basic level every single thing is energy. When you know how to  ‘read’ this energy, you can tune in to what’s really going on in your life – in your business, your health, your finances, your relationships and your projects – as well as being able to tune in to what is going on for others.

You will be able to help create more flow, vitality, abundance and success, both for yourself as well as for others, simply by being able to sense energy and engaging with it.


This channelled course is for you if …

  • You would love to easily and effortlessly open up to your intuition and to your spiritual gifts, raise your vibration and feel more clear, connected and supported.

  • You would love to be able to sense the life force and energy that runs through your health, wealth, relationships, business and creative projects.

  • You would love to know how you can access and bring in beautiful and powerful healing, teaching and awareness.

  • You believe that as an infinite being you have knowledge, skills and abilities that you haven’t yet tapped into.

  • You dream of feeling clear and confident in your intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience and your other sensitivities.

  • You are aware that time is passing by and that now you feel ready to explore and step into your full potential.

  • You are choosing to connect, communicate and engage with the Love, Energy and Intelligence that’s within the Universe.

  • You would love to consciously receive the support of highly evolved Beings, Intelligences and Consciousnesses.

  • The thought of being in co-creative partnership with the Universe lights you up.

  • You would love to create more of what you desire: more freedom, joy, love, ease, health, wealth and consciousness


If these are what light you up and are calling you forward, then this course is for you. All you need to do is to just show up and allow yourself to receive.


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“Tuning in to the Universe:
The Art of Energy Reading & Co-Creation”,

a Home Learning Program

Because this program is channelled, it’s 100% tailored to you, to your intentions and to what you would most love to receive. You can do it in the timing and at the pace that is right for you, and it will support you to open up to a whole new level of your own consciousness.  


Week 1

Beliefs and Patterns: Allow yourself to be present and to receive support to become grounded, to feel balanced and stable, and to come into alignment with who you really are. Lots of old limiting beliefs and patterns can fall away and you can bring in a sense of comfort and relief as you connect with your Infinite Self and your Spiritual Helpers.

Week 2

Learn how to make Channelled Essences: Access awareness, skills and knowledge that you have at higher levels of your consciousness, and learn how you can bring these in to your every-day life in the form of essences. These are energy, healing, teaching and awareness that are grounded and held in water so that you can access them at any time to support you in your personal and spiritual growth, as well as support you in any area of your life that you would like to change or evolve.

Week 3

Resolving Past Issues: Bring healing, awareness and growth in for your inner child, for ancestral issues and for unresolved past life experiences. Allow all these to come in to the present moment, to release and to instead support you with the gifts they give you.

IMG_1115 copyWeek 4

Money & Finances
: Create a wonderful and thriving relationship with money and your finances. Release the constriction and open up the flow of energy, abundance and vitality in this area – which will simultaneously open up the flow throughout all areas of your life. 

Week 5

Space – Clearing: Raise the vibration of your home, car or workspace, in partnership with the Universe. Connect with the energy in these areas, learn how they are supporting you and reflecting back to you where you are at in yourself, so they they become life enhancing and vibrant, and support you create what you desire. 

Week 6

Sharing your Gifts*: As you become confident with sensing, reading and channelling energy, you might like to also share your skills and gifts with others, either with family and friends or professionally. This week supports you to become clear in yourself and to start to explore this whole area of making a bigger difference.

Week 7

Bringing Together and Integrating all that you have been learning and discovering. Fully ground, balance and stabilise the shifts that have been happening for you throughout these weeks, and discover how you can to continue to open up more to enjoying and thriving with these skills as you move forward in your life.



  • 7 Channelled Sessions, which will give you direct experience of engaging with Universal Intelligence and supporting you to develop an unshakeable confidence in your own gifts and abilities.

  • 7 Inspirational Playsheets, so you can connect with your own life force, vitality and balance as you move forward in your personal and spiritual growth.

  • 7 Meditationswhich will support you to completely transform your energy and frequency around what is possible for you. 

  • An exclusive Daily Loving Yourself Journal that will support you to thrive, and to  co-create with ease and intention, and without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

  • Channelled Essences, new, fresh and personal-for-you, every time you to listen to any of the Audio Sharings, to support you energetically, emotionally and physically integrate the shifts that have happened as you listened to the audio.

BONUS 1: You’ll also receive 2 LIVE Q & A Sessions. These took place and were recorded when the course first launched and are full of invaluable support.

BONUS 2: You’ll also receive some invaluable Extra Resources, Audios and Guides that you can tap into, such as How to Kinesiology Self-Test to get Answers to your Questions’, and How to Set Up your own Team of Spiritual Helpers’. .



You can spend the length of time each day that feels good for you, and work with the entire course content in the timing and sequence that feels good for you.

What I suggest is to spend between 15 mins to 30 mins a day doing whatever you feel most inspired to do on that day, and at the same time to trust your flow. So if you feel like spending an hour one day and nothing the next then do.

This is a course in which you will be engaging with the love and intelligence within the Universe and where your own higher intelligence will be guiding your growth and expansion right throughout the 7 weeks and beyond, and so even spending a small bit of time most days on the course content will trigger significant shifts.

The main thing is to have fun and to enjoy the process   🙂


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Channelling in the sense that I use it, is about consciously engaging with the higher intelligence and light that is within us, within Life and within the Universe, and also connecting and receiving healing, teaching and support from our spiritual helpers.

When we do this we become aligned with and can bring in high frequency energy, awareness and information, both for ourselves and in support of others. We can bring in healing, teaching and creating for a deeper, richer, lighter and more conscious experience of Life.

This course will be taught in the same way that I was taught to channel.

beach, boat, sea and womanWhen I first started consciously engaging with the Intelligence within Nature and the Universe, I was given messages to make channelled essences. I was told step by step what to do and when to do it.

By allowing myself to receive the teaching and the healing that came in as I learnt how to make the essences, my own channel became more clear and grounded. I then was taught how to hold the space for others to receive the teaching and healing, and I became more and more comfortable and confident accessing and bringing in beautiful and powerful high vibration energy.

Working with this Intelligence is easy, simple and fun, not to mention effective, efficient and powerful.

This program will teach you how to bring in the energy you need in each moment. It will give you a foundation on which you can build your confidence and self-esteem, and it will be taught just as I was – by the Intelligence within the Universe. And it will be fun 🙂




  • When you open up to and feel empowered in your energy sensing and intuitive skills, you can apply them to every area of your life, bringing greater balance and vitality to your business, your clients and your wealth, as well as to your personal growth, health and relationships*.

  • You’ll be able to access higher level information, knowledge and support that you may not have even known you had available to you.

  • You’ll be able to change the lives of the people around you, both by sharing your gifts with them in a more powerful way, as well as by supporting them to access more of their own higher level knowledge*.


If you’ve ever wondered if there’s more you can offer, to yourself and to the world, or if you really can create your dreams, then opening up to your ability to sense, read and engage with the life force of the Universe is really going to be key. 

Even if you feel nervous or doubt that you can really do this, I can assure you that you can. The fact that you are still reading this means that there is a part of you calling you forward, to explore this – that there is something here for you. Listen to that part of you – it is your inner guidance. 

Contemplating going on this journey may bring up fears and anxieties – say thank you to them and love and bless them as they have been keeping you safe. They have also been keeping you smaller than you really are, and so if you are ready to be a bigger you, and to live the life you truly desire, then consider taking this step anyway. It will be a  beautiful step, and a beautiful journey.

If you have any questions, please email support@janinethorp.com.

With love and gratitude,



Some previous experiences of the course:

“The course was absolutely BRILLIANT!”

” Your course was wonderful! Your meditations were fabulous and I am unbelievably grateful for all the support that came in throughout the whole course. It really helped me to hone my senses and to really trust myself. For example I did the energetic space clearing on my very cluttered study and the energy was just so sparkling afterwards. My son asked me what had I been doing! So thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“The course was SUPER! You have a  very clear way of expressing difficult concepts and in an uncomplicated way. Also your voice is calm and light, and very easy to listen to. I feel much more positive about lots of things in my life. During the course I found myself changing my attitudes and I was making decisions more easily.”

“I feel a liberation to where I am at in myself now, from where I was when I started. I’ve been feeling a gradual liberation from all that stuff I’ve been holding onto.”

” There’s a lovely feeling of inner connection that happens which is very strong “

“New possibilities seem possible now. Before they were just a nice idea.”

“I feel a sense of clarity and wisdom, and a much deeper trust in my intuition.”

“It’s amazing how it all just unfolded, week by week, and it was all very relevant for all of us.”

“I feel a stronger connection with Source. I feel that my eyes have been opened to see more.”

” This whole experience has been so rich.”

“I’ve given myself a big gift by doing this course, and valuing myself enough to do it.”

“This is a lot about really clearing and making the space so that you can be a clear vessel, or channel, so that you can really learn how to bring in and use your gifts and abilities”

“I found this course hugely empowering on every level. It’s given me a new-found confidence, both inside me as well as in how I relate to others. It’s given me a very good foundation. I found it wonderful!”



Receive all this for €397 . (Worth €897)
Or please click here if you prefer 3 easy payments of €133.

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* Disclaimer: Please note that while your sensitivities and ability to support others can greatly expand during this course, it is designed for your own Personal Growth experience and is not a Practitioner Training. (I am however exploring the possibility of one day creating a Practitioner Training Course to share in the future.)

If you would like to receive further support then please click here to explore more ways to work with me page 🙂

** Terms & Conditions: Please note that all sales are final as you will have immediate access to all the course content on completion of making your payment. For more information on my Terms and Conditions then please click here  🙂