Consciousness Academy

Enjoy being a conscious and creative channel for the Universe.  All that we share and offer are based on the following principles:

  1. Everything is energy.

  2. There’s consciousness within all Life.

  3. Everything has an evolutionary dynamic that moves towards more Life.

  4. We can connect, communicate and create in partnership with this energy, consciousness and evolutionary dynamic.



Foundation Course: Discover Your Own Channelling Abilities

Open up to and discover more of your natural ability to connect and communicate with the higher intelligence within you and within the Universe, and receive the energy and information that can flow through you. 

This includes clearing the limiting blocks and beliefs that are holding you back, and also learning how to make channelled essences.

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Being a Conscious and Creative Channel for the Universe – further modules for personal and spiritual growth

Pre-requesite: completion of the Foundation Course

“Fall In Love With Your Sensitivities and Abilities”

“Building Your Relationship With Your Higher Intelligence”

“Raising Your Vibration and Your Consciousness”