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There is a spiritual intelligence that you can connect with and communicate with that can help you to heal, to thrive and to prosper.

You can tune in to this love, energy and intelligence that’s within you and around you, and you can feel clear and confident to bring it through and to share it through your gifts, with the world.

When you are ready to live your purpose, and to share your unique message and gifts, all of this love, energy and intelligence conspires to support you. You hear the whispers of the Universe in your heart and see the synchronicities in the world around you, all helping you to express your higher knowing and awareness. 

Your desire to answer your inner calling becomes so strong that you are no longer willing to stay small or to feel limited. You start to move forward and to take inspired actions, and in so doing you discover new doors opening up for you and new opportunities inviting you to say ‘Yes!’.

Your sense of consciousness, Life and the Universe expands. You know that you are here for a reason, and that all your life’s challenges and experiences, highs and lows, have given you unique wisdom, awareness and gifts – and that if someone had offered to you back then what you know now, that you would have jumped at it – just as there are others now who would also greatly appreciate what you can share.

Bringing your life to this next level can often mean bumping up against the fears, blocks and beliefs that have limited you up until now. 

However when you connect with this love, energy and intelligence of the Universe, trust your intuition and your Divine gifts, then you can raise your vibration, expand into your new realities and create the success, health, wealth and happiness you desire.

You feel fulfilled, knowing that you are living your purpose, making a bigger difference, expressing your inspiration and creativity, and all the while living a higher vibrational personal life of abundance, joy, peace and love.


My name is Janine Thorp and I offer healing, teaching and mentorship to sensitive and spiritual healers, coaches, entrepreneurs, writers and artists, in all sorts of ways, from my FREE Audios, Videos and Facebook Community, to my Online CoursesCo-Creator’s Circle, and Premium Level Mentorship, Healing & Teaching to help people just like you to thrive and to blossom personally, spiritually, financially and professionally.

I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with people from all over the world who are committed to creating real change both for themselves and for the world around them, and I would be honoured to connect and to co-create with you too 🙂 


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The Spiritual Success Summit was hosted by Dr Lauren Cohen, of www.YourEvolutionRevolution.com, and I had the honour of being one of her guest speakers and experts on bridging the gap between the philosophy and practicality of spirituality. You can listen to my interview by clicking below and learn about both one of our biggest challenges as well as some tips that can support us in our journey.

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“We live in a time where the term Energy Healing is becoming more mainstream. In fact, some say that Healers are the new Celebrity! I happen to love Healers, and with a background in Energy Healing myself, I am always on the lookout for those who are great channels for Healing Work. With this in mind, I recently had the opportunity to interview the renowned Energy Healer, Janine Thorp …

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